Client Results

Listed below are some testimonials from some of our dedicated and successful clientele. We have yet to come across someone where  we haven’t been able to improve their health. From dropping weight, body fat and inches to increasing strength, endurance or bone density. We will customize a program to suit your needs and limitations to ensure results and prevent injury. No matter what your goals are, we will help you reach them! The only regret we hear is that people wish they would have started sooner. If you are ready to change, contact us today and we will help you achieve your goals!

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Kerry Maxine

“Kevin has helped me in the last few months take leaps and bounds in body shaping and strengthening. The physical self improvement has been one of the biggest pieces of my overall happiness. Still have a ways to go but we are getting there and Id never be as far as I am, so soon, without him. Thanks Kevin! If you guys are looking to make a change and get fit, call Kev, he’s seriously a miracle worker. Kerry is down 70 lbs and is crushing her goals!”

Dr. David S.

” I have used other trainers in the past and tried things with little success. I enjoy coming in to a private setting and working with Kevin. He has helped motivate me and get me on the right plan for my goals.” In the first 8 months, Dr S. is down 120 lbs!! He has hit his long term goal and now we are focusing on building more muscle and maintaining his overall fitness levels. At his last checkup, all his numbers were amazing!

Michele T.

” In the first 4 weeks, Michele has dropped over 27 lbs and several inches!! She has a great attitude and I look forward to watching her crush all of her goals. Keep posted for updates on her! ”


Marie Trainer

“I love the encouragement and attainable goals that I get from each and every session with Kevin! Getting workouts in is fun and he is always willing to give me advice on nutrition and home workouts in between training sessions. I’m very happy with the results I’m seeing by following his advice. Thanks Kevin! You Rock!! -Marie is dropping dress sizes and lbs and is much stronger”


Christine Townsend

“I’ve known Kevin for over 10 years now. He’s not just an awesome motivator but a really great person. I recently started working out with him again after an extremely lazy winter. In just over a month I lost 2  inches off my waist and I’m getting compliments from so many people!!! Thanks Kevin, you’re amazing!”


Abby Kilmer

“Kevin is an awesome motivator! Pushes me every time for great results! I went from not being able to do a pushup to doing 15 full pushups in less than a month!! I’m already down 2 inches off my waist and arms and now have definition. Look forward to our sessions!! ”


Jon Harper

“I’ve been back from college for 6 weeks working with Kevin. In that time, he has helped me lose 20 pounds and 4 inches off of my stomach. I am looking forward to more progress over the summer and going back to school in great shape! ”


Gregg C.

” I have been working with Kevin for almost 8 years now. He not only helps hold me accountable but has helped me lose 20lbs and keep it off. I am now running marathons and I am significantly stronger than I used to be. I would highly recommend him as a trainer. ”


Jonathan Tucker, Hollywood Actor

“I’ve been fortunate to have worked with a number of trainers. Your understanding of my goals, limitations, and time schedule was first-rate for a new York city or Los Angeles personal trainer. The fact that Rochester would be so lucky to have you was a pleasant surprise. Thank you for keeping me in shape for this marathon of a film shoot and for preparing me for my next project in October. I hope you will make it out west soon Kevin. You are terrifically talented.”

With gratitude,

Results: Added muscle, Dropped body fat %

Kathy K.

“Kevin is a wonderful trainer and motivator. I never did weights before and wasn’t comfortable doing them on my own. After meeting with Kevin 2-3 times a week for several weeks, I went from a size 6 back into my goal of a size 2! I’m so happy and my stress level is way down. Now I go to the gym to de-stress instead of picking up a glass of wine. I don’t see this positive life change happening without the motivation and confidence Kevin has helped with.”

Results: Dropped weight, body fat% and stress. Increased confidence.

Mike Scott

“Kevin, I don’t know how to tell you how grateful I really am for what you’ve helped me accomplish in the past few months. I came further than I would have thought possible in such a short time, and I have your direction and dedication to thank for that. I seriously doubt I could have been in better or more knowledgeable hands. I could have said that I was a fitness freak before I met you, now I can say that I’m an addict.”

Results: Added significant muscle and dropped body fat %

Jay R.

“In only 4 weeks working with Kevin, I have lost 10lbs and several inches around my waistline. I feel great and have more energy than I have in a long time. I can’t wait to continue my fitness journey and achieve more of my goals.”

Lisa R.

” Always a great workout with Kevin. Thanks for keeping me motivated and for challenging me. I also appreciate that you adjust accordingly to my body’s capabilities each time we meet. Feeling great, much stronger and 20lbs down so far!”



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