Our Studio

*Stay tuned for updated pictures at our New Wellness Center!*

We are located in Churchville, NY and offer a unique wellness center. Our private training center is fully equipped with every tool you will need to reach your goals. You will have access to our cardio equipment area to warmup while you wait for your appointment with your trainer in a private studio setting.  Our studio is equipped with a variety of equipment to help you reach your goals. There is everything from cable machines and free weights to the TRX suspension trainer, battle ropes, kettlebells, medicine balls, a heavy bag and speed bag. There is both indoor training and when weather is permitting, outdoor space as well. We even have a quarter mile path mowed to walk/run around the acreage at our location! There is ample parking so you will never have to stress about finding a spot. Our trainers will provide a safe, effective workout and will also help you manage and build a game plan for your nutrition regimen, to help you build a healthy lifestyle. Come enjoy your results in a stress free, fun environment!

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