Optimum Fit Club


Last week we launched the Optimum Fit Club. It is designed to challenge your limits and bring out your competitive spirit. You have to be in the top 5 to sign our board and reach the minimum requirements for each challenge. If you achieve 5 of the challenges, you will be eligible to make the top 3 in the male or female category on our leader board. If you conquer 7 of these challenges, you will be presented with a custom t-shirt and a complimentary training session. All challenges must be witnessed by one of our trainers to count either in person or by video.



The challenges are as follows:

  • Wall Squat- sit at 90 degrees for a minimum of 3 min.
  • Low Plank- hold for a minimum of 4 min.
  • Pushups- 50 minimum for women, 100 for men.
  • Pullups- 10 minimum for women, 20 for men.
  • Crunches- minimum of 100.
  • TRX Pike/Pushup combo- highest total, minimum 25.
  • Rower- 1500 meters in less than 6 min.
  • 5K run- top 5 fastest times.
  • 1/2 or full marathon- top 5 fastest times.
  • Jump Rope- minimum 200 consecutive reps


We have also launched the Get Fit Club. This is just slightly modified and will help prepare you to achieve the Optimum Fit Club.



  • Wall Squat- sit at 90 degrees for a minimum of 2 min.
  • Low Plank- hold for a minimum of 2 min.
  • Pushups- 25 minimum for women, 50 for men.
  • Crunches- minimum of 50.
  • Jump Rope- minimum 100 consecutive reps
  • Battling Ropes – most slams in 30 sec.


Good luck and get working so we can see your name on our board! If you need a program to help you reach these goals, contact us.

30 Day Ab Challenge

If you are looking to strengthen and tighten your core, try this 30 day ab challenge! It will help you develop muscular strength and endurance. Give it a shot and send us your feedback. Check back for more challenges that we will post in the future.


Ab Challenge

Top Protein Choices

Are you sick of drinking the same protein shake or eating the same protein source at each meal?  Here are some healthy alternative protein options to choose from:

  • Skinless Chicken Breast, 4 oz= 22g protein
  • Turkey Breast, 4oz= 34g protein
  • Albacore Tuna-troll or pole caught, 1can=40g protein
  • Salmon-wild caught, 4oz= 25g protein
  • Rainbow Trout, 4oz= 27g protein
  • Almonds, 3 oz= 18g protein
  • Lentils, 1 cup= 18g protein
  • Quinoa, 1 cup= 11g protein
  • Eggs, 1 large= 6.3g protein
  • Greek Yogurt, 8oz= 23g protein


There are many more choices but this list will help give you some healthy alternative options. Keep in mind each person may need different serving sizes depending on their goals, body structure, etc. Please contact us with any questions.


New Year Better You

It’s one week into 2015 and most of us have fitness or weight loss resolutions for the new year. Have you started your fitness journey yet for the year? If you haven’t set your goals or planned out your year, come in to see us. We are currently offering free assessments to help you achieve your fitness goals and maximize progress. Stop making excuses and start making progress. Until we see you, happy lifting and healthy eating!

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