Important Numbers You Need To Know For Your Health

There are many numbers thrown around in relation to calories burned, consumed, etc. However many people do not even know the main numbers they need to keep in check. Take a look at the following and ask questions if you have them:

Blood Pressure

blood pressure chart for dental professionals



Your total cholesterol range should be less than 200 to be desirable ...

Resting Heart Rate

Your Resting Heart Rate + Instant Heart Rate App

Breaking Down The Science of Pilates

Check out Laura’s latest article on Pilates, Breaking Down The Science of Pilates

Top 10 reasons to work with our company

Here are the top reasons why clients choose to work with us and what  helps  them achieve their goals:

1) Motivation/Accountability

2) Results

3) Safety

4) Consistency

5) Specific Programming

6) Knowledge

7) Increase self esteem, body image

8) Variety, New Routine

9) Challenge them

10) Decrease Stress

What challenges do you struggle with, when trying to  reach your goals? What could we do as trainers to help you get through those challenges?

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