Getting Fit and Staying Healthy

Whether you are a male or female you will always be putting effort in to maintain a fit and healthy body. Keep in mind I am not talking about being skinny. Anyone can lose weight but that doesn’t necessarily mean you are healthy.  One of your top priorities should be to get into a resistance training routine minimally 2 to 3 times a week. No matter what size or shape you are, a good routine with weights can give you the body you desire. Once you create lean muscle you won’t have to put in as much effort, as the muscle will help you burn more calories throughout the day. However if you stop utilizing those muscles and challenging them they will atrophy(shrink) over time. This can also happen during extreme dieting and low calorie diets. Some of the weight people lose is muscle mass which is significant to understand.

The best bet is to contact a personal trainer or someone knowledgeable to design a custom routine for you tailored to your specific goals and needs. Then it simply comes down to staying focused and consistent. You will have to have a reasonable nutrition regimen to support your daily activities and goals, as well as to provide energy to last the day. Remember not to overthink the issue of achieving a healthy body. If you consistently eat well, hydrate and workout, your body will take care of itself! If you need a push or some motivation to get going do not hesitate to contact us for a complimentary consultation!

How to lean out your midsection and build a strong core

When it comes to abs, people over think the solution to finding your midsection. Everyone has muscle, it is just a matter of decreasing your body fat to see the “6 pack”. Nutrition will play a huge role in uncovering your midsection! You can do ab workouts until you are blue in the face or so sore you can’t move but will not see the results until you reach a certain level of body fat. However we always encourage a well developed abdominal and lower back program so you have a strong core and better posture. Everyone’s body will react differently in regards to nutrition and exercise so it is always recommended to take time with a trainer to see what program you should be following to best suit your needs and goals. The following is a sample ab routine I do for myself and I vary it up when I feel like I want something different..

I do this 3x a week with 2 sets per exercise and 1 minute rest between the 2 rounds, no break between sets unless you feel necessary.

Low Plank- Hold in a flat position with a neutral spine on your forearms: 1-2 min

Bicycle Crunches- lying on your back, drawing the opposite elbow and knee together towards your midsection: 30-60 seconds

Reverse Crunches- lying flat on your back, drawing your knees towards your chest( with or without leg extension) 30-60 seconds

Standing Rotation with Cables-hold 1 handle with both hands and rotate the cable across your body at chest height, finishing at the opposite hip(can substitute with a seated version w a dumbbell) 15 reps/side

Double Crunch– bring both elbows and knees together, lying flat on your back: 30-60sec

Superman-lying flat on stomach, extend both arms and legs out, hold for 2 sec each rep: 15 reps

This will help you incorporate each part of your abdominal makeup as well as your lower back muscles. Make sure you are warmed up before you jump right into the routine and stretch between sets if necessary. I always mix in core stretches at the end. I make sure to “walk the walk” so here is where I try to maintain my midsection 24/7. ( Excuse the “selfie” as these were candid shots. Always remember to have fun and be able to make fun of yourself )

ab picab2

I don’t believe in dieting or bulking, then “shredding the fat” as you see a lot in the fitness industry. Stay healthy and fit all year long! If you need a program or a push, give me a call! Remember to stay consistent and keep focused and the results will follow.




Optimum Fit Club


Last week we launched the Optimum Fit Club. It is designed to challenge your limits and bring out your competitive spirit. You have to be in the top 5 to sign our board and reach the minimum requirements for each challenge. If you achieve 5 of the challenges, you will be eligible to make the top 3 in the male or female category on our leader board. If you conquer 7 of these challenges, you will be presented with a custom t-shirt and a complimentary training session. All challenges must be witnessed by one of our trainers to count either in person or by video.



The challenges are as follows:

  • Wall Squat- sit at 90 degrees for a minimum of 3 min.
  • Low Plank- hold for a minimum of 4 min.
  • Pushups- 50 minimum for women, 100 for men.
  • Pullups- 10 minimum for women, 20 for men.
  • Crunches- minimum of 100.
  • TRX Pike/Pushup combo- highest total, minimum 25.
  • Rower- 1500 meters in less than 6 min.
  • 5K run- top 5 fastest times.
  • 1/2 or full marathon- top 5 fastest times.
  • Jump Rope- minimum 200 consecutive reps


We have also launched the Get Fit Club. This is just slightly modified and will help prepare you to achieve the Optimum Fit Club.



  • Wall Squat- sit at 90 degrees for a minimum of 2 min.
  • Low Plank- hold for a minimum of 2 min.
  • Pushups- 25 minimum for women, 50 for men.
  • Crunches- minimum of 50.
  • Jump Rope- minimum 100 consecutive reps
  • Battling Ropes – most slams in 30 sec.


Good luck and get working so we can see your name on our board! If you need a program to help you reach these goals, contact us.

30 Day Ab Challenge

If you are looking to strengthen and tighten your core, try this 30 day ab challenge! It will help you develop muscular strength and endurance. Give it a shot and send us your feedback. Check back for more challenges that we will post in the future.


Ab Challenge

New Year Better You

It’s one week into 2015 and most of us have fitness or weight loss resolutions for the new year. Have you started your fitness journey yet for the year? If you haven’t set your goals or planned out your year, come in to see us. We are currently offering free assessments to help you achieve your fitness goals and maximize progress. Stop making excuses and start making progress. Until we see you, happy lifting and healthy eating!

How to Build a Fit Body Year Round

Its that time of year again where everyone regrets not achieving their goals and wishing they had done more. Instead of fluctuating up and down all year, build a well rounded program customized to keep you fit all year. This should include a balance of nutrition,  resistance and cardiovascular training. This will help you build lean muscle and a strong metabolism to prevent your body from drastic changes. Set both short and long term attainable goals and get started now! Contact one of our trainers to setup a customized program to help set and reach your goals. This way you will have someone to hold you accountable, motivate you and get you going on the right program. We wish you a happy and healthy new year!

Benefits of Resistance Training

Looking to maintain your weight or lose body fat during the holidays? Resistance training may be your answer. The following are some of the top benefits of resistance training…

  • The more muscles you incorporate during your workout, the more calories you will burn throughout the day.
  • As you build lean muscle mass, you will look more defined.
  • The new lean muscle will help boost your metabolic rate, therefore burning more calories at rest.
  •  As you strengthen your core and upper back muscles, you will find yourself with better posture.
  • Strength training can increase your bone density, which can help you avoid osteoporosis.
  • As you build more lean muscle mass, your body composition will improve.
  • You will be able to perform normal daily activities without as much of a struggle as you build strength.

These are just some of the many benefits of resistance training. If you are unsure of what to do, schedule an appointment with one of our trainers today. They will help you customize a program to fit your needs and goals.

To those of you who currently train with resistance, what are your favorite exercises? Which ones give you the most trouble in the gym? Happy Lifting!

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