How to lean out your midsection and build a strong core

When it comes to abs, people over think the solution to finding your midsection. Everyone has muscle, it is just a matter of decreasing your body fat to see the “6 pack”. Nutrition will play a huge role in uncovering your midsection! You can do ab workouts until you are blue in the face or so sore you can’t move but will not see the results until you reach a certain level of body fat. However we always encourage a well developed abdominal and lower back program so you have a strong core and better posture. Everyone’s body will react differently in regards to nutrition and exercise so it is always recommended to take time with a trainer to see what program you should be following to best suit your needs and goals. The following is a sample ab routine I do for myself and I vary it up when I feel like I want something different..

I do this 3x a week with 2 sets per exercise and 1 minute rest between the 2 rounds, no break between sets unless you feel necessary.

Low Plank- Hold in a flat position with a neutral spine on your forearms: 1-2 min

Bicycle Crunches- lying on your back, drawing the opposite elbow and knee together towards your midsection: 30-60 seconds

Reverse Crunches- lying flat on your back, drawing your knees towards your chest( with or without leg extension) 30-60 seconds

Standing Rotation with Cables-hold 1 handle with both hands and rotate the cable across your body at chest height, finishing at the opposite hip(can substitute with a seated version w a dumbbell) 15 reps/side

Double Crunch– bring both elbows and knees together, lying flat on your back: 30-60sec

Superman-lying flat on stomach, extend both arms and legs out, hold for 2 sec each rep: 15 reps

This will help you incorporate each part of your abdominal makeup as well as your lower back muscles. Make sure you are warmed up before you jump right into the routine and stretch between sets if necessary. I always mix in core stretches at the end. I make sure to “walk the walk” so here is where I try to maintain my midsection 24/7. ( Excuse the “selfie” as these were candid shots. Always remember to have fun and be able to make fun of yourself )

ab picab2

I don’t believe in dieting or bulking, then “shredding the fat” as you see a lot in the fitness industry. Stay healthy and fit all year long! If you need a program or a push, give me a call! Remember to stay consistent and keep focused and the results will follow.




Build a support team to help reach your goals

Whether you are starting a fitness routine or trying to improve a current one, it is important to have support to keep you on track. A trainer is a great start because they are there specifically to guide you and customize a proper program for you. They will encourage and motivate you to reach new levels. On top of that you should find friends, family or co-workers who will support you and help you keep a positive mind frame while you try to achieve your goals. It is very important to surround yourself with individuals who want to see you improve your health. This way when you hit a hurdle, they can help you overcome it and keep progressing forward. If you are on facebook “like” our business page OptimumResults (located at the bottom of our home page) where we post fitness and nutrition tips and motivating posts. That way you will have encouragement from social media as well. If you need help customizing a program contact us and we will get you on your way to a healthier body!


The state of being accountable is an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions. This is extremely important and beneficial when trying to reach your goals. It is very easy to get off track and start losing sight of the goals you are aiming for. Having a personal trainer or fitness group with similar goals not only helps motivate but will keep you accountable! We are here to keep you focused and get you to your ideal healthy body.  If you need a jump start or help reaching your goals, contact us today! If interested we always have clientele who don’t mind a workout partner as well.

Reaching Your Goals

What’s holding you back from reaching your goals? As personal trainers, we are here to help you be successful in the most efficient ways possible. Here is what we have found over the years that has worked well with our clientele and ourselves…

Try to set both long and short term goals. Have an end goal in mind but make sure you focus on the short term goals and try to accomplish them along the way. Have specific dates that you attempt to reach them by, which allows you to see progress and keeps you motivated to keep working hard. Either keep a manual journal or try using an app such as myfitnesspal to help you track your progress.

Make sure you have accountability along the way. It will make your life a lot easier if you have a friend to workout with or a trainer to keep you accountable as you try to reach your goals. We cant stress this enough! This way if you have an excuse, it is a lot harder to cancel when someone else is relying on you being there to workout.

Find a balanced workout routine. Males and females need to realize the importance of weight training. You simply wont see the same benefits by just doing cardiovascular workouts. Each body will have different needs so if you are unsure, have a trainer set up a customized program for you.

Make sure you have a well balanced nutrition plan to follow. Fad diets do not work long term. They will not last and you will end up frustrated. Meet with a qualified individual to setup your specific needs and make sure you keep your goals realistic to your lifestyle.

If you just cant get motivated or do not know where to start, contact us for a complimentary assessment. We are here to help you and would be happy to get you on your way to your ideal body. Happy Lifting and Healthy Eating!

New Year Better You

It’s one week into 2015 and most of us have fitness or weight loss resolutions for the new year. Have you started your fitness journey yet for the year? If you haven’t set your goals or planned out your year, come in to see us. We are currently offering free assessments to help you achieve your fitness goals and maximize progress. Stop making excuses and start making progress. Until we see you, happy lifting and healthy eating!

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