How to start your new healthy lifestyle

Everyone has been there. The point in their life where they stop and realize they need to be healthier or want to change their body for the better. The hardest part for most people is figuring out where to start! Who do you go to with so many options out there? Which plan do you follow with so much information on the web and social media. My recommendation is find someone local who has experience and credentials. Also make sure they are fun and motivating. Getting screamed at or being bored out of your mind will crush your workout dreams real quick. Following the latest trends typically will last in short lasting results and potential injury. Regarding the web, please do NOT believe everything you read!! A good majority of the information you see is incorrect and misleading.

That being said, if you are interested in getting started and are in Rochester, NY, come see us at Optimum Results. We offer complimentary assessments and will get you started on a customized regimen. Your body is unique and you need to tailor a workout routine and nutrition regimen to fit your needs. We will not only teach you what to do but motivate and encourage you along the way. Email us at today. The longer you put if off, the longer you will wait for that new healthy body you have been talking about! Have a happy and healthy day!

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